Lactation Counseling

Is your baby experiencing excessive gas or fussiness?  Having challenges with latching onto breast or bottle or slow to gain weight? Whether you are just starting out breastfeeding or have been for 3 months, we can help with supporting your baby’s first feeding experience.  Given the symbiotic relationship between mother and baby, we want to make sure mom is comfortable during breastfeeding and her questions are answered.  It is important the baby’s needs are being met and the baby is growing and thriving. When introducing the bottle, it can feel overwhelming which bottle system can be the right fit for your baby.  At Blooming into Motherhood, we assess how the baby is sucking from the bottle and how the caregiver is offering the bottle.  Problems with bottle feeding may include leaking from the bottle, eye aversion, tearing eyes, excessive gas and/or more than typical baby reflux.  Call us for a consult, we can help you provide nourishment to your little one.

Pediatric Feeding Therapy

Is your baby having  difficulty  transitioning to solid foods?  Is your toddler still drinking from a bottle most of the time?  If family mealtimes are stressful or if your child has a limited range of foods or textures that he/she is eating, then your little one is a candidate for pediatric feeding therapy.   In addition, we work with infants and  young children who were born premature or who may have had medical interventions that may have caused sensitivies.  There are some babies who started out with tube feedings and parents are looking to transition to oral feedings. Pediatric feeding therapy includes a comprehensive evaluation of the child’s history and feeding skills.  Your first appointment will include a detailed assessment and how your child eats and why your child may be having challenges.  Your child may need a one time consult to make changes or a complete evaluation.  Call today to schedule an appointment.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Is your child clumsy?  Slow to engage in playing with peers or appear overly active compared to same age peers?  Are you concerned with your child’s development (fine motor skills:  grasping, handwriting or visual/perceptual skills or self help skills).  A child interacts and engages with the environment through his/her senses.  A child’s “occupation” is to play and learn and become autonomous with self-help skills.  Occupational therapy provides interventions to help your child be successful.  An occupational therapy assessment may include assessing your child’s development in the areas of  fine motor skills, visual – motor and perceptual skills, functional sensory processing and modulation skills, play and self help skills.  When a child is having challenges in any of these areas,  interventions, modifications and/or adaptations are made by the clinician to support the child in their environment (home, daycare, preschool or school).  Contact us to see if your child needs a consult or is a candidate for occupational therapy services.

Introducing Solids Class

Are you wondering what foods to introduce to your baby and how?  What highchair or spoon to use?  Do you know what baby gadgets to use or not?  If you have any question about introducing solids to your baby then this is the class for you!  Contact us to inquire when the next class will be.  Do you have a group of moms who are interested in a class?  Then,  we can accommodate and host a private class.  Space is limited so call and make your reservation today!